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Author Interview: Hilary Grossman, Author of ‘Plan Cee’

Although contemporary fiction isn’t usually my preferred cup of tea, I was pleasantly surprised by Hilary Grossman’s previous book, Plan Bea. Very cunningly, she managed to draw me into the story despite my efforts to the contrary, and before long, I was crying and laughing along with the characters! Generally, I’m one of those stuck-up reviewers who are never completely satisfied with a book, but Plan Bea got a full 5-stars from me! Continue reading “Author Interview: Hilary Grossman, Author of ‘Plan Cee’”

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Short Story: A Postcard From Egypt

When eminent Egyptologist Bernard Wilson discovers a hitherto unknown tomb in the Valley of the Kings, tragedy ensues. Is it just a homicidal maniac out to satisfy his cravings or is the truth something way more sinister?

Continue reading “Short Story: A Postcard From Egypt”