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You’re not alone! (Mental Health Awareness Month 2018)

There’s times when life gets you down. What do you do next- do you get up, pull yourself together and face the next hurdle? Well, if you can’t, it’s okay. Life is not easy. And I’m not here to sprout rainbows and tell you it’s going to be okay; I’m going to tell you the truth. Continue reading “You’re not alone! (Mental Health Awareness Month 2018)”

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Author Interview: Hilary Grossman, Author of ‘Plan Cee’

Although contemporary fiction isn’t usually my preferred cup of tea, I was pleasantly surprised by Hilary Grossman’s previous book, Plan Bea. Very cunningly, she managed to draw me into the story despite my efforts to the contrary, and before long, I was crying and laughing along with the characters! Generally, I’m one of those stuck-up reviewers who are never completely satisfied with a book, but Plan Bea got a full 5-stars from me! Continue reading “Author Interview: Hilary Grossman, Author of ‘Plan Cee’”