El Dorado and Other Works

Finally, the first preview for my archaeological thriller, EL DORADO: THE UNTOLD STORY is here! Check it out here- El Dorado: The Untold Story. I’ll be extremely grateful if you give it a glance and drop me a line about what you think. After all, writers build their careers on the advice of their readers 🙂

1656_Sanson_Map_of_Guiana,_Venezuela,_and_El_Dorado_-_Geographicus_-_Guiane-sanson-1656 (1).jpg
Map of Guiana by cartographer Nicolas Sanson (1656). El Dorado circled in red. This map was the spark that ignited the story behind my book… CC courtesy Wikimedia Commons

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But before my book releases…This blog has a ton of varied content- writing advice, interviews, musings, poetry, short stories and much more. Over time, I’ve noticed that people are quite interested in reading my creative writing pieces. So here is a short list of my literary works, if one can call them that. Happy Reading! 🙂


  1. The Seal of Love
    The story of a woman who lost her daughter… And the man who found her.
  2. A Postcard from Egypt
    When eminent Egyptologist Bernard Wilson discovers a hitherto unknown tomb in the Valley of the Kings, tragedy ensues. Is it just a homicidal maniac out to satisfy his cravings or is the truth something way more sinister?


  1.  The Story of My Life
    This poem defines what made me what I am today, and also demarcates how my fascination with all things literary started.
  2. Man’s Best Friend
    Everyone loves someone. And I have never loved anyone as much as I loved my cat Dewey. This poem contains all the things that I want to tell him, if only God gives me another chance.