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You’re not alone! (Mental Health Awareness Month 2018)

There’s times when life gets you down. What do you do next- do you get up, pull yourself together and face the next hurdle? Well, if you can’t, it’s okay. Life is not easy. And I’m not here to sprout rainbows and tell you it’s going to be okay; I’m going to tell you the truth. Continue reading “You’re not alone! (Mental Health Awareness Month 2018)”

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How to Write a Book Review Like a Pro

Read anything good recently? Or perhaps you have to review a book for school? Recently discovered your individualism? Whatever the reason might be, a book review is a priceless gift you can give back to authors who slaved days and nights to produce that book. Read on to find out more!  Continue reading “How to Write a Book Review Like a Pro”

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Why I Love History (And You Should, Too!)

Often people ask me what my interests are. I have a fully-prepared answer for that- my interests are literature, wildlife and history. Often that last one makes them go, ‘I hated history in school.’ Then they get embarrassed. Thing is, high school doesn’t teach you how to appreciate history. They just force you into remembering dates and other boring things. That shouldn’t put you off. Since I’ve been reading history ever since I could read, I can tell you that it’s pretty damn interesting. Continue reading “Why I Love History (And You Should, Too!)”