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Book Review: Land of Strength and Sorrow by Cassandra Fear + Giveaway!

Cassandra Fear’s fantasy epic Land of Strength and Sorrow is a book that will take you on a rollercoaster journey through a magical kingdom where everything and everyone is dangerous and no one can be fully trusted. Read along as Jovi, heir and princess of this vast kingdom, goes to amazing lengths to reverse a past that now threatens to destroy her whole future…

First off, huge thanks to Cassandra for letting me read her book! I’m not a big fantasy fan, except for A Song of Ice and Fire and the Lord of the Rings, but I’m glad I read this one. I can’t pinpoint why exactly, but a teeny tiny element of every page in this story somehow feels familiar. I think that’s what makes it special.

Regular readers of this blog know very well how I advise starting a story with a spark and ending it with a bang. Well, no spoilers, but Cassandra did exactly that! And damn, the ending was so riveting. I was literally holding my breath to see what happened next- but it’s in the next installment of the trilogy. Hmmm, now that I think about it, I’m kind of mad that I have to wait! 🙂

Now here’s the stuff that didn’t sit right with me- the characters could have been more complex. I think that in the hurry to insert multiple events into the storyline, the characters’ personalities faded out occasionally. I love twists and turns, but too many of them make for an exhaustive read. Jovi- the main character- well, I have mixed feelings about her. There were times when I really looked up to her, but there were times when i just wanted to knock some sense into her. But then I realised how accurate it was. Ultimately, despite the haphazard characters, the storyline swept me off my feet.

So, that means, a full five stars from me!


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One cure can save them all…

Princess Jovi’s sheltered life has taught her nothing about Orendor, the kingdom she will one day rule. Longing for adventure isn’t the same as being thrust in the middle of one, which is exactly what happens when the Frost Mages attack the castle in Kingsperch.

Determined to save her kingdom, Jovi must gather an army of brave warriors to defeat the Frost Mages and protect the people she loves. She seeks help from the bravest Mammoth Rider in all of Orendor—her fearless uncle, Meical.

Jovi will endure harrowing trials she never imagined she’d face, but as a daring new enemy emerges from the darkness, Jovi will discover a startling truth about herself that might open the door to a brand new future.

Will she choose the lives of many, or the heart of one?





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16 thoughts on “Book Review: Land of Strength and Sorrow by Cassandra Fear + Giveaway!

  1. Hii..Congratulations for winning third time in Times of India and competition.I am on twitter and I am the person who said about that mail on twitter.actually I I gave feed back by mistake.And I thought that you are not so active here.

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      1. Belated birthday wishes,Just thought of writing e mail to you.But when I checked your WordPress blog again.I saw new post so I messaged you here.By the way are you studying in school?? Because you almost took a job,doing lot of activities member of Noah a researcher etc etc.I don’t know how your brain is working.How can you be that matured at small age?? Is it because of life experiences.Or it’s a gift .

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      2. I’m in class 12th right now, pursuing Science. But yeah, I started doing side activities a long time ago, when I realized that I didn’t want to do those things that everyone else was going to do. It’s hard in the beginning, managing all this, but it gets easier with time. As for me being mature, well, I over think everything. Somehow, that worked out in my favour.

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      3. Even overthinking is an art.All can’t think that deeply,I think you like analyze everything logically,analytically.But small doubt,when someone try to propose you or hit on you,you even then get a copy of their intentions and psychology in your hand easily.Because you already would have seen lots of people’s brains.But Don’t you think it will be a problem for you when you think everything in logical manner.I mean ,like for something’s you should stop thinking and start enjoying.For example when you see a full moon in the beach.Do you enjoy that sight or do you think why ita app beautiful than normal and try to analyze???Not judging you..but it’s a doubt for me…because sometimes I face it.

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      4. I agree, it can be an art. Yes, it sometimes gives me issues with excessive anxiety or tension, but that’s just life. Oh and by the way, no one loves a moonlit beach more than me! I don’t analyze everything – just people. Why they do what they do is really fascinating to think about. And that later helps develop complex characters while writing.

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      5. Soo you are now even reading about my brain.!??? Someday you would read me too,I am soo confident about this.I really want to be in touch with you.Because it’s nice to share thoughts with matured people like you,and that too you are app young.I don’t how will your brain turn when you hit 30s.I mean you will feel bored after exploration of human minds,because you almost can read all beings at that time.Them do you try to seek truth of universe and life .or you already started thinking about your existence???

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      6. I do try to seek the meaning behind my existence. People worry about dying every moment of their lives. I don’t – I know that we all were born to fulfill a purpose, and until it is fulfilled I’ll keep on living. Life studies are interesting, which is why I’m pursuing history and archaeology. It gives you a sense of how diverse and chaotic this world is. Somehow that gives me the strength to stay sane.

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      7. That purpose may be karmic purpose.But there are also other things which you do for free will.Even that also helps to understand the reason for existence.And Knowing that purpose cantbserve any according to my opinion because there are also few humans who do all kind of sick activities and suddenly they die.They just show hell to their parents friends and family many.But let’s think he is 25 and did all kind of illegal things and murdered and molested women etc.If everyone has purpose on earth.Is that person’s purpose is to just do those things?? What if he understood the purpose of his existence,then he feels no guilt.I am talking all these imagining that death is destined after sometime.

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      8. Maybe that person’s purpose was to do all those things, and therefore spark a movement among people to eradicate this from society. In a way, that molester would ultimate be responsible for the eventual safety of every girl in the nation. That could be the purpose he served.

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      9. Yes you may be right.But for bringing up change there is no need of spoiling others life or bringing sorrow to many.It can be done in other ways too.Ok..lest think that he served that purpose and died.And so will he be given heaven for doing his duty?? Or will he be again sent to earth with another mission.and how long this process go..until he attain nirvana??? Or penance???

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      10. I can’t comment on what will happen after he dies – I’m a practicing atheist, and I don’t believe in the segregation of Heaven and Hell. It can be observed better while you’re still living, if you ask me.
        This was a really interesting discussion, but I’m afraid I have to go now. Studies await!

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      11. Hahaha..I know that heaven and hell are just imaginary concepts.Just to tell my point I used them….Anyway thanks for your valuable time.Never thought you would respond quickly and have combo with me.Thanks for that prapti.So glad to meet you and talk to you


      12. Actually I participated in that contest for the first time.I know that it’s difficult to win.Out of curiosity I checked the winners list,and checked other competition winners I found one common dp among then I checked about you in Google and all.Then I came to know about.I was bit shocked seeing your such young age of 14 you wrote on infedility and even got applause for that.At that age I even don’t that INFEDILITY word exist in dictionary.

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