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Why I Love History (And You Should, Too!)

Often people ask me what my interests are. I have a fully-prepared answer for that- my interests are literature, wildlife and history. Often that last one makes them go, ‘I hated history in school.’ Then they get embarrassed. Thing is, high school doesn’t teach you how to appreciate history. They just force you into remembering dates and other boring things. That shouldn’t put you off. Since I’ve been reading history ever since I could read, I can tell you that it’s pretty damn interesting.

There are some subjects out there that’ll grab your interest at once- you just have to find which one. For example, I was bored to death when I had to learn the history of Colonialism in India. But then I went off on a tangent and discovered that Colonialism in the Americas is intriguing and full of food for thought.

FUN FACT: When there was a shortage of bread in France, Queen Marie Antoinette is believed to have said, ‘Let them eat cake!’

Other subjects that I found appealing were the Russian Revolution and the two World Wars. Believe it or not, after you’ve caught onto a topic of your liking, you’ll automatically remember the important dates and events associated with it. The best part of history is that you can figure out why things are the way they are today. What’s more, you can speculate what else may have happened. For example, when you look at the Great Pyramid of Giza, don’t you begin picturing thousands of workers working, toiling to build the magnificent structure? How was life for them? What passions did they experience?

FUN FACT: Due to the polished limestone casing that once covered the Pyramid of Giza, it would have been possible to see it from the Moon.

And what about the surprises? History keeps a lot up its sleeves. So be prepared to be surprised every step of the way. And they’ll be delightful, I assure you.Β I remember the day my obsession with history first began. I was just a little kid, walking my dog in my house’s yard. All of a sudden, he began digging and hey presto! He unearthed three broken pieces of what looked like a terracotta jar. I know, it may just have been left there by the previous owners, but my overactive imagination immediately construed a picture of something entirely different. From that day on, I was hooked on history.

FUN FACT: The Amazon River would never have been discovered if the Spanish conquistadors had succeeded in finding the location of El Dorado, the City of Gold.Β 

That’s why I’m telling you, don’t miss out on what happened long, long before just because you though one topic was dull. Like I said before, there’s something for everyone out there.

As a starter, here’s where you can go to discover awesome things about our past- – this is where I got started. – this website is one of my favorites and has some of the best material on Ancient History. – Check out the best of American history

And of course,

If you want, you can also check out my article on the South American tribe that gave birth to “El Dorado” here-



Seventeen year old blogger, writer and interviewer. Also a voracious reader. My interests include classic books, archaeology, world history and politics. Staunch advocate for wildlife conservation and animal adoption. Debut novel to be out soon!

7 thoughts on “Why I Love History (And You Should, Too!)

  1. Really agree with your comment about how school does not teach you how to appreciate a subject. History is much more intriguing and, might I say, beautiful than what is taught to us.

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  2. Hmm… I didn’t think about the repercussions of my statement πŸ™‚ I guess I’ll just have to avoid venturing near water bodies now! On a completely different note, you have a very unusual username…


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