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Author Interview: Anne R Pierce, Author of A Perilous Path

anne pierceAnne R. Pierce is an author, scholar and commentator in the areas of American presidents, American foreign policy and American society. She combines historical perspective with up-to-the-minute analysis of forces shaping our world. Her foreign policy work emphasizes both moral and strategic concerns, stressing human rights and political freedom, and national security and global stability.
Meet her-

  1. Can you give a brief description of your upcoming book, A Perilous Path?
    Based on in-time research and big-picture analysis from 2009 to the present, A Perilous Path tells the fascinating story of Obama administration foreign policy and illustrates its disturbing consequences. Obama, Clinton and Kerry paid too little attention to national security and global stability, and too little attention to political freedom and human rights. The result of de-emphasizing American power and American ideals is a more hostile, more oppressive world.
  2. Tell us a little about your life till now.
    I have always needed and loved to write; started writing plays at the age of 6. As a teenager, I was very liberal, but watching the moral/strategic indifference of the left to Mao, Pol Pot, the Soviet Union turned me in a different direction… I believe American foreign policy at its best combines moral and strategic concerns…If we downplay either or both we are not at our best. Although I have a PhD., I chose not to become a professor so as to focus on family life… and to write, write, write.
  3. What exactly attracted you to delve into the political world?
    Probably my heart first, then my natural intellectual interest in history and political philosophy. Politics affects literally everything, from freedom of speech and religion, to human rights and individual liberty (to the lack thereof) to the human condition itself. In addition to always needing to write, I’ve always had a deep desire to make a positive difference in my country, and for people everywhere longing to be free. Like the US founding fathers, I believe rights are God-given and innate: no government can grant them… no government can take them away. Government at its best, is limited, and works to protect those rights. American foreign policy at its best, I believe, emphasizes, “peace through strength” and human rights.
  4. So you do believe in achieving ‘peace through strength’. But many people argue that it’s just an excuse that powerful leaders use to disguise their intention to dominate and control other governments. What is your take on that?
    Yes, of course, as in everything, integrity is essential. Working on “peace” while enabling dictators and aggressors, or while ignoring escalating atrocities and hostilities, or while adopting bellicose policies is wrong.
    A classic example of the word “peace” being used as a smokescreen is Obama administration’s Syria policy. Obama/Clinton/Kerry turned their backs on the seismic geopolitical upheaval and on one of the worst humanitarian crisis the world has EVER seen, while claiming they were working for peace.

    World War II taught us of the danger of reclining…of moral and strategic indifference in the face of escalating hostilities and atrocities. Successful Cold War policies reflected those lessons in pursuing “peace through strength”…containment, defensive alliances etc. while also projecting democratic ideals through Voice of America-type programs etc.

  5. What’s the best part of writing books on the subject that you feel so passionately about?
    The best part is the writing itself… finding the right words and having fun with language; the articulation of complex ideas in a clear way; letting the muse speak to you; the good feeling that comes from doing so much research and thinking that you’re ready to burst with it, then finally letting it out.
  6. The kind of books you write demands a lot of research work. How do you get that done?
    My research for this book consisted of reading books that added to my historical knowledge, accessing primary documents and research papers on the topic, reading leaders’ statements and speeches on the topic and comparing them with actual policies, attending conferences on related topics, and attending Congressional hearings on related topics. You’ll find that the endnotes to my book are extensive, to say the least.

    A Perilous Path: The Misguided Foreign Policy of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry releases on July 5th, 2016.

    PRE-ORDER NOW! a-perilous-path-9781682610589_hr



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