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My Favorite Writing Playlist

Bored of writing? Got writer’s block? Want to bang your laptop against the wall? Then stop worrying! I have the solution right here- music. It’s a proven relaxer cum stimulant, so rest assured that whatever the problem is, these songs are sure to get your creative juices flowing again!

Usually, I don’t prefer writing with music blaring in the background as it distracts me. But I don’t have any problem with getting all psyched up first and then writing. So that’s why I’ve created this playlist. Generally, writers prefer classical music, but these songs are for those who’re looking for a change. Enjoy!

  • One Last Night- Vaults
    This catchy song is from the soundtrack of Fifty Shades of Grey, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact, this is one of those tunes that makes you want to rush out and discover all the treasures that lie in this world. Definitely a good track to pump up your heart-rate and inspire you.
    Most useful for- Action and adventure/ romance/ inspirational/ thriller writers
  • Imagine- John Lennon
    One of Lennon’s legendary songs…need I say more? Well, if you listen carefully, the lyrics will completely enchant you and clear your head and maybe even drop you some new ideas! Even if just to hear something soothing, this song should be on every writer’s midnight playlist.
    Most useful for- Any genre writers! And literary fiction.
  • Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold- Various
    This track is from the movie ‘The Hobbit- an Unexpected Journey’, but its lyrics are from the original text of JRR Tolkien. I can only describe it as hauntingly beautiful. When it starts playing, you’ll begin to picture in your head far-off mountains, mysterious caverns and dark, unexplored lands. Definitely worth a try!
    Most useful for- Adventure/ fantasy writers.
  • Hello- Adele
    Everyone knows about this song that took the whole world by storm. Definitely Adele’s best work so far. This song is heavy with emotion and pathos yet contains an underlying current of hope. And of course, Adele’s beautiful voice will make you feel the situations almost as if you were standing there seeing everything yourself!
    Most useful for- Romance/ emotional/ literary fiction writers.
  • Forever Young- One Direction
    Even though we rudely dismiss boy bands nowadays, this song, that was actually sung by a group named ‘Alphaville’, was covered wonderfully by One Direction’s lads. It’s sure to raise the hair on your arms while taking you on a trip to an imaginary world where everything is as you want it to be. One of my favorites.
    Most useful for- Anyone who wants inspiration/ Young adult writers.
  • I Got Love- Nate Dogg
    This was used in Jason Statham’s movie Transporter. It’s got catchy beats that’ll have you tapping your toes and is also a wonderful backdrop for spinning fight scenes. The language is a little crude but it’s perfect for that time when you need to spice things up in your novel a bit.
    Most useful for- Action/ thriller writers.
  • I’ll Be There For You- The Rembrandts
    Best known as the theme of the popular sitcom Friends, this song is designed to lift your mood. The tone is light and the lyrics is hilarious. In fact, this is music to unwind to. If you get writer’s block, just plug in your headphones and let the band wash away your tension. Also a great reminder of true friendship.
    Most useful for- A happy ending to your writing session; Children’s book writers.

    What are the songs that get you in the perfect mood for writing? Share with us!



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