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Do ghosts and spirits help writers?

Yes! As crazy as this looks, it may be possible. Join me as I walk you through my wild theory and its proofs. But remember, it’s only a hypothesis which may or may not prove to be the truth. Anyway, this is based on my own experience and if you have anything to add, don’t hesitate!

I bet that you guys have wondered about the supernatural at least once, or maybe a hundred times. Then most of you are probably aware that ghosts are considered to be the soul or spirit of a dead man/woman who roams around because they have unfinished business on Earth. And that unfinished business could mean anything from fulfilling one last wish to an eerie satisfaction in seeing one’s relatives again.

And on the other hand, let’s think about how writers get plot ideas for their stories. They say they imagine it. But when you think about it, these stories that people write, they don’t seem that out of the ordinary to not be a true story in reality. What I mean to say is, one person’s true experience could turn out to be another person’s bestselling novel!

And that’s where ghosts come in. You see, I, and many others believe that when a person dies, his thoughts, his consciousness doesn’t become extinct. It lives on, tucked in some little corner of the fourth or fifth dimension.So can’t it be possible that when we, the living, try to think of a new story, our brain connects with some other person’s consciousness and we write down whatever we learn from that? I agree, this seems to be a really far-fetched theory, but not exactly impossible.

And it’s been experienced by many people that when there’s paranormal activity around them, they begin to feel strange, weird sensations. They feel pain, depression and maybe even grief (and horror of course!). It could all arise from the fact that the spirits are trying to convey something- their feelings, their story. Because you know how talkative people are…why should that change after death?

My experience was something like that. It happened almost a year ago and I still can’t get it out of my mind. I felt as though someone or something was shoving a truckload of information into my brain. I felt dazed, sad, fascinated and even delirious! And I felt all that in less than a couple of minutes. But the most interesting thing was that right after that, I stopped writing the animal story I had begun and wrote about a murder instead (spooky, eh?). Is it probable that that person was murdered and he communicated what had happened to him to me and I penned it down?

And I’m not alone in speculating about this. Author Elsie Brown also wrote a humorous story called The Shady Plot in which the ghost of a woman helps a freelance writer find plots for writing horror stories.

So what do you think? Is any of this feasible or am I just going nuts? Thrash it out in the comments section below!



Seventeen year old blogger, writer and interviewer. Also a voracious reader. My interests include classic books, archaeology, world history and politics. Staunch advocate for wildlife conservation and animal adoption. Debut novel to be out soon!

4 thoughts on “Do ghosts and spirits help writers?

  1. Some actions and achievements by individuals on this earth remains unexplained.Could it not be due to some invisible influence! I agree

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    1. Well, they are unexplained. But here I’m talking about the effects of supernatural influences on literature, which is, although related, quite a different story. Thanks for your opinion, though.


  2. “When it comes to psychic ability, I rate double zero.” – Judge Dredd, in 2000AD, sometime in the 80s.

    I regard myself as very much like Dredd (Not because I have a big bike and a scary helmet) but because I am – in my own opinion – immune to psychic disturbance. I think it’s possible that the Ghost of Christmas Past could dance a jig on the end of my bed, and I wouldn’t notice.

    But that doesn’t stop me being edgy when I walk through a graveyard at night (Something I do literally every night, as it’s my job to lock and unlock the local church). I often get the feeling that there’s something out there, just behind me, even though that thought never occurs to me in the daylight.

    I’m working on a new novel idea which is about a Muse – a particular type of fairy whose job is to capture ideas and help them find the right people. I like the idea of ideas floating around in space, waiting for people to host them.

    I would dearly love to have a psychic experience. I’d love to see a ghost, because any sort of evidence would help to strengthen my faith in an invisible God. In the meantime, I count myself as incredibly lucky, because Ideas and stories seem to drop into my head every day.

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    1. If you get ideas so easily, maybe it means that you’re especially favored by those supernatural influences! But I think you stand a better chance feeling a ghost rather than seeing one. They’re pretty elusive 🙂
      And good luck with your book!


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