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Literature: 100 Years From Now

We, as readers, have seen a lot of ‘progress’ in the literary world over the years, especially in the last decade. What do you think will happen to books a hundred years from now? Will they improve? Or will they degrade?

Everyone knows that books, as well as genuinely interested readers, are fast disappearing. People have forsaken literature for television and the Internet. Here’s what I think the future of books looks like-

    Sci-fi is the latest hit in the literary market. But will it stick around long? If I estimate correctly, then in a 100 years, scientists would have made all these authors’ fantasies come true, then where will they get new material from? I agree, the imagination of us humans is not to be underestimated, but still, the authors writing in this genre have a rough road ahead.
    How often have you sat in your local library reading your favorite book, a cup of coffee in hand? Even now people’s lives are so busy. A century from now, I bet they won’t even have a moment to think about reading a book, much less visit a library! But for the bookaholics who can still find time, they will certainly prefer reading on their mobile/tablet without having to move.
    That’s right, in this technological era, don’t get too attached to your paperback and hardcover books, because they’ll soon go extinct! The Digital Revolution, by bringing us Ebooks, has made sure of that. Ebooks are way cheaper and more compatible than physical, bound books.
    Digitization has also brought with it an undesired, though popular effect: Self-publishing. This means that the power of traditional publishers and literary agents is fast going downhill. But this also means that the quality of literature is degenerating. Books that a publisher would never approve of are being published nineteen to a dozen everyday.

    What do you think about how our literature will be like in the future? Post your opinions in the comments section below!




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