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Most overrated books of all time

Some books are quite a treasure, but there are also some books that are, um, boring. So here I have a list of books that people felt didn’t deserve all the attention they got. 

Also, this list of books has been compiled using extensive research and surveys on the Internet. So if you see your favourite book in here, don’t freak out! After all, it’s a matter of personal opinion.

TWILIGHT, Stephenie MeyerTwilightbook

This book series is a superb example of really wild imagination combined with an awful storyline. Seriously, who wants to read about a vampire and a human falling in love? Add a pack of humans-turning-wolves to that, and I’m sure Bram Stoker is wondering why the hell he created Dracula.




harry potter


2. HARRY POTTER, J K Rowling

There are millions of fans out there who are absolutely smitten with this series, the films and of course, the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Come on guys! I think this series is meant only for kids, and I can’t even imagine why adults like children flying around in broomsticks. Well, to each his own, I guess.
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Fifty shades of grey

In my personal opinion, I think this book and its sequels have only two things to teach- a)Don’t bite your lip; and b)Don’t roll your eyes. The author herself wrote this during a mid-life crisis, and I think it’s only meant for bored housewives. The narration is outrageous and frankly, there isn’t even an interesting story line. If you are looking for romance, then I suggest you pass.
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4.THE DA VINCI CODE, Dan BrownDaVinciCode

The only reason for this book’s success was that it was written by Dan Brown. Although it is listed as “thriller”, I don’t think there were any edge-of-the-seat moments, as the narration was slow, and the descriptions painfully long. The lead character, in my opinion, felt quite faux as compared to his portrayal in Angels and Demons.
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wuthering heights

Frankly, this book is not for those who are looking for light-hearted reads. In fact, this is one of the most depressing and negative-sounding books that you’ll ever read. It was written long ago, and I don’t think people of today’s generation will find anything in common with it.
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    1. I did a survey. These are the books that majority of people voted as overrated… Still, it’s your personal choice. If you love it, then it doesn’t matter whether it’s on this list or not ☺

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