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Welcome to my world! 

Nice to see you here! Do you like reading? Yes? That’s wonderful! Because I’m absolutely addicted to books! But not just to reading, I write too! So if you also share my interests, I think some of my posts will definitely grab your eye. But don’t think that I’m a prude who keeps her nose stuck in a book all day! I love being with my four-legged furry friends, so I have a section devoted to pets here. In fact, I blog about anything and everything in general! Be it travel, life or the weather.

Just in case you’re wondering, I’m not a stuck-up thirty-year-old. I’m just a kid. But a kid who knows a bit about writing and how it’s done. So you’ve probably guessed it. I plan to become an author. Well, all that in good time. As of now, I hope you have a good time! And if you have any suggestions, feedback or just want to connect with me, my social media links are given below. Don’t hesitate to send me a message!

P.S- Are you a newly published author looking for reviews? If so, then you can contact me using the links below, to get honest feedback on your book…









Seventeen year old blogger, writer and interviewer. Also a voracious reader. My interests include classic books, archaeology, world history and politics. Staunch advocate for wildlife conservation and animal adoption. Debut novel to be out soon!

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